Richard Bucker

Would the real 'Agile' please stand up!

Posted at — Jul 16, 2012

I’m not a fan of rap but I do like Slim Shadey(sp). I decided to see what wikipedia had to say about Agile and when I got there I was very surprised. First of all I was expecting to see something that mirrored the Agile Manifesto. What I mean is that when the wikipedia page rendered on my phone the first thing I saw was a drawing/poster of the Agile process and (a) the vocabulary did not look like it came from the Agile Manifesto but (b) from waterfall.  In fact, while I have been saying this for some time… it is now fully realized.The “Agile Software Development” process or whatever you want to call it is actually a modified “Waterfall”. (It even looks a lot like RUP too.Please do me a favor. Stop calling it Agile because it is not. Agile and the Agile Software Development are two completely different things.Finally, just because your development team practices the Agile [new name goes here] Software Development process does not mean that your entire management structure needs to be flattened. Neither Agile nor ASD recommend anything beyond “the team” of developers. Of course you might trat your managers as a team in sort of a breadth first search sort of way. But to suggest that self organizing teams should be left completely to themselves is just irresponsible. Simply put mob wisdom does not always work; specially when it’s my money on the line.