Richard Bucker

WTF Virtualization

Posted at — Aug 21, 2022

Having built my own orchistration system that saved my employer many millions annually I find myself returning to scene ofthe crime… so to speak.

I like the VMware APIs although they are deep. I lick some of the CLI wrappers too as they save me a lot of time. Containers are not terrible but often misused and are merely a recursion layer and there are limits like Linux only or lxc/lxd… and then some. My comparison there is chroot and jail. They are well understood by the OS developers and manage resources well enough where VMs and containers require much more thought.

In recent days I find myself wanting to buy more hardware even the smallest lark or nuc just for the sake of of experimenting and I’m failing. The reality is that any old cloud server would do the job. Vultr is my preferred VPS vendor because it’s cost and OpenBSD support. Block storage too. And chroot is well enough.

The trick is making sure that installation and maintenance is automated. That is all.