Richard Bucker

Yama Mountain Flat Tarp

Posted at — Feb 14, 2019

I ordered or rather I changed my order to an 8.5’x8.5' flat tarp. I never measured it until today and while I’d need to do it again for the exact numbers I give up. It’s almost 9’x9'.It’s funny, before I deployed the tarp this morning I thought it was short as I was expecting a 10x10 and frankly had forgotten what I had ordered. So the measurement was weird… and not what I ordered anyway. But better longer/wider than shorter.On one corner I used some shockcord to manage the tension. The corner material seems to pull evenly:But in a different corner I did not use shockcord and the material protested:Also, no one ever tells you where the seam sealer goes… on the inside or the outside. I always thought the inside because that’s where BearPaw and Six Moon seemed to put it. In hindsight makes no sense because the water would penetrate the seam on the outside and rest in the seam until it evaporated or damaged the seam.  It took the yama design, with a d-ring on the inside to make this obvious.ridgeline undersideridgeline with sealed seamsYama logoI like that Yama included either shock cord or loops on each guy out point. It was simple to add a lineloc, shockcord and cordage. The tarp works well with a hammock in either a-frame or diamond. Being 9-feet square it’s also reasonable for ground camping.