Richard Bucker

you bought what?

Posted at — Oct 14, 2018

I have no idea what this guy was thinking or if he’s even telling the truth. As I listened to him wander about his condo home office telling us about moving and putting things in storage he started talking about his computer that he dismantled. WTF! I’ve moved many times and I’ve always boxed my computer last for the same reasons. Then he goes off and spends some stupid money on a non-modern laptop with an exotic docking station. Then we hear that he has a mac at work.So maybe he does not work at home. But what’s with the exotic docking station and the older laptop with a “maybe” runs Windows 10?I clearly missed something in the video but if all this was really all that important why not just get something that could run Chrome or even a ChromeOS machine and use it for the basics? For that matter get a tablet and a bluetooth keyboard; that way when your home station is restored you have a different use-case…or is there some untruth in there?