Richard Bucker

You Know Its Too Big When

Posted at — Sep 2, 2020

I’ve complained about stackoverflow in the past and of course it’s that time again. It reminds me of every conversation I’ve had about kids who had sand kicked in their face as kids are now the bullies.

I posted what I thought was a reasonable question… how can I be assured that no networking code has been linked into my applocation.

Anyway, this post is less about the filters on SO and more about the need for SO.

this is another uncle bob rant

StackOverflow and it’s peers are huge. In fact there are even more forums resolving more questions. Sure there was a time when a simple google search would resolve an issue but now it’s way too complex. And that it again. This stuff is too complex to be useful.

What’s amazing about craig’s-list is that it’s simple and clean. And that suggests that it’s also reliable. Just looking at the home page source I’m impressed. While I know from interviews that under the covers it has some complex machinery it makes sense in this configuration.

We should not need StackOverflow

We should look for smaller solutoins… like openbsd instead of linux, sqlite instead of sql server, and so on.