Richard Bucker

Your Next Web Application Framework?

Posted at — Apr 12, 2012

Suppose you are the person who has to make the decision as to what language and framework your startup is going to use to deploy it’s application.  What would you choose? There are so many interesting and qualified frameworks that are already powering a good portion of the internet.(You don’t have to know the language and framework but enough to argue what makes it idea.)What would it be?For example: I read an article several years ago that strongly recommended Erlang. At the time it was a great idea. The author suggested that using Erlang would attract smart people and keep the actual number of respondents to something manageable. Since then I implemented several applications that in hindsight: (a) impossible to attract new talent. (b) the more time that passes the more fragile the app gets because my detail recollection is fading (c) and it lacks common tools that would make allow generalized apps to give access to “operators” instead of programmers.Other examples include: perl, ruby, python… mojolicious, rails and sinatra, flask, tornadoweb, and django.I have my ideas… what are yours?